Liazka, or there is no other way than across the weir

  • pety1029
  • Liazka, or there is no other way than across the weir

 3 years ago

Středočeský kraj, Mladá Boleslav, 

Today's really strange exploration of the abandoned Liaz factory.Since opposite the factory there is a hostel for workers from the east, there is no other way than through the weir.The factory is still in a relatively well-preserved condition, but statically it is not so good in some places.The area is not guarded or guarded in any way, we did not even come across a sign prohibiting entry, etc.I can say that in one day you will not discover what the whole factory has to offer.In conclusion I would like to say that it is not going to have a very...  show more 
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    • pety1029

      3 years ago

      Já téže děkuji za pochvalu fotek. Na nějakej čas je to poslední holka v okolí od JW když nepočítám ještě jednu kousek od Javoru 52.Teď se budu soustředit na dvě hlavní lokace v kterých nikdo nikdy nebyl a jsou přístupově/alarmově dost náročné ale bude to stát za to.


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