Bohnice Cemetery of Fools 🕯️🗝️🪦

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  • Bohnice Cemetery of Fools 🕯️🗝️🪦

 7 months ago

Bohnice Cemetery of Fools 🕯️🗝️

Probably the most famous abandoned and haunted cemetery in the Czech Republic. Its rather creepy and mysterious history, with a strong atmosphere, can make some people feel quite uncomfortable 😦

In this cemetery lie mostly the madmen of the psychiatric hospital, but also its staff, soldiers, suicides, rapists, children and the murderers themselves, including the murderer of the woman Otilia Vranská ⚰️

A few things can still be found in the cemetery, such as the former chapel building, the buried underground and the most famous grave of the woman Maria Tůma 🪦

I even tried to sleep in this cemetery and I must say it was a powerful experience ❤️ Video here 👇
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