Abandoned ammunition and food depot

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  • Abandoned ammunition and food depot

 3 years ago

Středočeský kraj, Mladá Boleslav, 

When you say get the most out of the district, you mean get the most out of the district,for the second time we discovered a hill near Mlada Boleslav.We came across the CO shelter and ammo/food store after a long painful search in the woods in the middle of an endless stand of thorns.
Not surprising since until 2000 the whole nearby village was generally a secret military facility used for communication with Moscow.Until today there is a part of the hill which is guarded by a forest guard 24/7 who does not hesitate to use a wolfhound or a...  show more 
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At the famous Urbex castle

Cover under one of the prefabricated houses

An abandoned bunker on the edge of the forest Nothing special

Practically everything works in the shelter, there is electricity and many other things