Agricultural area 2021

 2 years ago

Středočeský kraj, Nymburk, 

We had this area as our second stop today.You guessed right,6e there is a JWM here too.I was very impressed with how nature is taking it back.The halls are already overgrown,so it looks simply breathtaking.
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  • pety1029

    2 years ago

    Snad zítra nebude vadit další album ale fotky se pokusím udělat trochu v jiném stylu.Tento areál už vím kde je tak mne tam snad nic nepřekvapí.


      2 years ago

      Vůbec vadit nebude už se na ně těším


This location captivated me in all respects,the way nature took back what belongs to her...

An area that over time is becoming a kind of "natural gardening". This time the...

The bakery was bought by the Chinese and made Crocs underground :) I don't know...

This is an abandoned dock that was used for repairing cargo ships.The area is legally...