3 months ago

An area that over time is becoming a kind of "natural gardening". This time the sun was a bit unwelcome, but still the little girl from JW was great and undamaged.
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  • petrkenny

    2 months ago

    Tam je to když to zaroste opravdu nádherný a za mě jedna z top JW maleb


      2 months ago

      Jo, ta svezi zelena tomu pridava 🙂 a souhlasim, u me je tahle malba taky vysoko. Jen tak pro zajimavost, kdybys mel rict vek slecny, kolik bys rekl?


This location captivated me in all respects,the way nature took back what belongs to her...

We had this area as our second stop today.You guessed right,6e there is a JWM...

This is an abandoned dock that was used for repairing cargo ships.The area is legally...

This dock has been here once before.I came across it in my hunt for JW...