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 6 months ago

Ústí nad Labem Region, Litoměřice District, 

Darkness, dust, the smell of burning diesel, the rumble of passing carts filled with limestone stones and rubble.
A flickering light looms in the distance, the clatter of prison clogs.
A group of figures in tattered clothes pass by.
A short and curt command from their guards, accompanied by the barking of a dog, whips through the darkness of the underground...

Welcome to Richard, the Nazi underground factory...

My promised Christmas present for one of us, a now unavailable pearl that will hopefully please everyone else and probably one of the darkest places in our country. I've taken the liberty...  show more 
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The former Nazi villa and nearby the underground Richard factory, which is now sealed.I had...

A former brewery that was eventually converted to a freezer. A dog kennel was visible...

A former freezer and brewery in one area.But I've never had such a cramped feeling...

abandoned cottages 😊

Next stop on the long weekend.To the office area where the CO shelter should be.It...