Under the windows of Pragovka - for the second time

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  • Under the windows of Pragovka - for the second time

 1 month ago

Hlavní město Praha, Hlavní město Praha, 

First, I invited you to take a peek into Hall 12, which today is not even the piles of rubble in the photo here. Now we're going to walk from the engine house with the hardening plant to hall 11 and on the way we'll take a peek into the corridor of the adjacent building. These three are no longer standing either. We will continue to Expedition, through which we used to see the Tesla Hloubětín skyscraper with the blue neon glowing on the roof. This area is also a thing of the past, so we will move on to the press factory. This used to be housed in a concrete "cathedral" from the time when Junkers operated here during the war.
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