On the main trench

  • hawky
  • On the main trench

 4 months ago

Young sir, have you ever seen a mine? It's a hole in the ground, corridors this and that. Please, they can take my wallet, my carriage
they can take my carriage. But a mine? It can be flooded, filled in, but nobody can take it away from you.
(The grim reaper laughs.)

A co-production album based on Urbex Lady Simcha, in collaboration with Klobas :-D There was a lot to see when it wasn't in the fog ;) With the main mine ventilator, exhaust stacks, outlet systems under the mining chimneys in the galleries, remnants of the track with embankments, springs gushing from the walls of the adits, faces decorated with karst phenomena, or piles of miners' helmets...
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  • rayen

    4 months ago

    Parádní! Úplně mám absťák po podzemí, jak vidím ty fotky

  • klobas

    4 months ago

    Super fotky, jo holt když to člověk umí, je radost se na to koukat👍


      4 months ago

      Díky díky...Ono když má člověk s sebou kolegu šikovného nasvětlovače, to se to pak fotí :-D


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