Closed emergency 🔦🚷

 3 years ago

Středočeský kraj, Mladá Boleslav, 

Emergency exit somewhere in Mlada Boleslav.
I've been searching for some time now, just watching the ventilation pipes and a little analysis of what they are from and where they lead and suddenly you can pick out a few hatches or turrets.
This time it worked and didn't work.
It was closed from the other side :(
I will add one more observation from a friend that amused me.
"Petey, why didn't you just dig it out ?"
Answer : "Do you know what a fallout shelter is? That it survives the blast of an atomic bomb and you think...  show more 
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Cover under one of the prefabricated houses

An abandoned bunker on the edge of the forest Nothing special

Practically everything works in the shelter, there is electricity and many other things

At the famous Urbex castle