Freezer 2022

 1 year ago

A former freezer and brewery in one area.But I've never had such a cramped feeling as we had here.But a huge and interesting place
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  • hawky

    6 months ago

    Když píšeš o stísněných pocitech.... doporučuji navštívit ostatní patra a především sklepy, nebo kolektorové chodby mezi objekty. Nejlíp po shlédnutí Vetřelce :D To pak bude mít grády.


A former brewery that was eventually converted to a freezer. A dog kennel was visible...

I apologize in advance for the scope, but here I spent 7 hours running through...

Darkness, dust, the smell of burning diesel, the rumble of passing carts filled with limestone...

The once sumptuous villa, which became the headquarters of the SS Führungstab Komando B5 at...

abandoned cottages 😊