Monumental dark landmark of the city 2023

  • hawky
  • Monumental dark landmark of the city 2023

 7 months ago

I apologize in advance for the scope, but here I spent 7 hours running through cellars, staircases, tunnels and rooms with bricked up windows in monstrous premises where beer was originally brewed, converted into cold storage, with the production of flour, malt extracts, the Nazis made airplane propellers here with the help of modern slaves and after nationalization it was frozen...
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  • petrkenny

    6 months ago

    Skvělý fotky.byl jsem tam také ale ne v továrně.


      6 months ago

      Díky. Výroba probíhala ve sklepích, do kterých hnali horký vzduch, aby tm bylo sucho a dodnes tam jsou zbytky zařízení na sušení vrtulí, či nápisy.


A former brewery that was eventually converted to a freezer. A dog kennel was visible...

A former freezer and brewery in one area.But I've never had such a cramped feeling...

The former Nazi villa and nearby the underground Richard factory, which is now sealed.I had...

abandoned cottages 😊

I really liked it here.The place has its own atmosphere.It's guarded, but we didn't bump...