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 3 weeks ago

Raionul Șoldănești, 

It is the command post of the Supreme Command of the Southwestern Forces of the Soviet Army, used under the Warsaw Pact.
Similar facilities were also built in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan.
This giant bunker consists of two huge cylindrical blocks about 35 meters in diameter and is 7 stories deep.
The size is truly staggering.
I have researched somewhere that the cost at the time of construction, (which was sometime in the mid 1980s) cost nearly 32 million rubles.
The walls of all the rooms inside are completely made of steel, which attracts the local metal collectors, who...  show more 
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  • hawky

    3 weeks ago

    Ty makáči, jak jsi o nich říkal, jsou tam boží :)


Nothing was found in the area.