Villa in Neo-Gothic style by Ignaz A. Gaube 2019

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  • Villa in Neo-Gothic style by Ignaz A. Gaube 2019

 5 months ago

The once sumptuous villa, which became the headquarters of the SS Führungstab Komando B5 at the end of the war, became the property of the national administrator Veverka after 1945 and was nationalised three years later... As it happens, although inhabited, it began to decay from that moment on and after the revolution became the subject of speculation that brought it to its present deplorable state.
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The former Nazi villa and nearby the underground Richard factory, which is now sealed.I had...

A former brewery that was eventually converted to a freezer. A dog kennel was visible...

A former freezer and brewery in one area.But I've never had such a cramped feeling...

abandoned cottages 😊

Next stop on the long weekend.To the office area where the CO shelter should be.It...