Brewery from the creator of the Golden Chapel

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  • Brewery from the creator of the Golden Chapel

 5 months ago

He built the Golden Chapel for the nation, the Czernins this charming brewery with a steam mill... It's the only industrial building he built. After the brewing of beer was finished, the company Medicinal Plants Zbraslav occupied the buildings and set up a warehouse and packing house for medicinal plants, and the cellars were used to ripen the cheese of Západočeské mlékáren.... There are also ruins of a residential building with stables and pigeon coops. Unfortunately, I only got to the brewery building with conveyors and hazel trees in the woods.
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  • pěkný, chtěl jsem se do tý oblasti taky vypravit, a tohle vypadá jako zastávka co by mohla stát za to.


      4 months ago

      Dík, za kouknutí to určitě stojí. I když už to anglický majitel má vyklizené a probíhá částečná rekonstrukce.


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