Treatment centre for mentally handicapped children

  • denisa
  • Treatment centre for mentally handicapped children

 3 years ago

Moravskoslezský kraj, Frýdek-Místek, 

The dilapidated complex with five huge buildings has been decaying since 1999 due to fears of flooding. In 2006 the site was auctioned and is currently being offered for sale again.
The greatest charm of this complex is after dark. Missing original items, doors, crumbling roof and floors,
homeless people sleeping in the rooms. Every now and then you forget to breathe.
Next time I'll definitely have my DSLR with me :)
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Surrounded by beautiful Beskydy nature, it was probably closed in 2008.

By pure chance, we came across this well-preserved gem...

Unbuilt hotel. Photos taken in winter 2022/2023