• Follow the expeditions of others

    Follow the expeditions of others

    Places that no one is interested in anymore or those that are in sight the time ahead is not exactly the pink prospect are exactly what interests us. We are a group of enthusiasts who fascinate abandoned places and we are happy to capture them even before, than will forever disappear from the face of the earth. Share with other enthusiasts of this hobby and show us the places you have visited!


    Share with us photos from your travels around the world and create an account! We and other users are very much looking forward to your contributions!

    Follow other users

    Other users will not be idle either and they will definitely be happy to exchange types to visit with you various abandoned places. But don't forget the main rule of Urbex - always pay attention to your safety!

  • Discover deserted places with other users

    Discover deserted places with other users

    Finding abandoned places is not always easy, we know that. But we think we have a solution! Every Urbex fan knows several places he has visited in the past. If you have an account with us, we'll let you exchange locations where you can ask any other user to share the location of an album they've posted on their profile. However, it is a condition that you have at least one album recorded on your profile. The user you are requesting an exchange he can then choose one of your albums and exchange positions.

    Upload photos

    Add photos from your expedition to your profile!

    Request a location exchange

    Exchange tips with other users on interesting places and visit them on your own! However, be careful on your expeditions!

  • Find friends and take a trip with them!

    Find friends and take a trip with them!

    After registration, you can also receive news from other users so that you do not miss any of their expeditions! You can also travel with other users and visit abandoned objects in larger groups. But always tell some of your soul mates where and with whom you are going! Abandoned places are often dangerous, so pay attention to the safety of yourself and others!

Let's explore the world!

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    Nedokončený hotel Polsko 2023

    Bohužel se nám nepodařilo vyjít na vyšší patra, protože schody byly zazděné v rámci bezpečnosti. Budova má 10 pater. I...

    Vojenský prostor 2023

    Dnes jsme navštívili vojenský prostor kde se nachází poslední Strikeův počin.

    Kotelna 2023

    Dnes mě zavedla malba JWM do této bývalé kotelny.Malbu jsem přidal i do alba na těchto stránkách.

    Banka 2023

    Dnes jsme vyrazili pro nového JWM a zkusili štěstí v této bance.Napoprvé jsme byli vykázáni ale za chvíli to šlo...

    Poliklinika Milovice

    Můj druhý výlet do Milovic v září a nejspíš ne poslední😊 Stará poliklinika s jednoduchým přístupem. Šla jsem dovnitř sama...

    Krankenhaus mit Kapelle

    Krankenhaus mit kleiner Kapelle. Leider sehr viel Vandalismus, so das sich nur noch das Treppenhaus und die Kapelle lohnt.

    Kaufhaus Görlitz

    The department store in Görlitz was finally closed in 2009. But you can visit it legally.