Medical clinic in the mountains 😷

 6 months ago


One long abandoned hospital hidden in the hills among forests and surrounded by beautiful nature 🥼🏚️🌲

Even just entering the building we noticed how much stuff was actually left here. We could immediately start piecing together the story of what kind of place this was 🏚️
According to the old photos of patients and old equipment, we actually found out that it was a hospital that hasn't been working for a while⏳ We were mainly convinced by the unpleasant smell that accompanies most such hospitals 😷 At times it reminded us of an old nursing home 🧐

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  • bryan

    5 months ago

    Mohl bych poprosit o adresu děkuji

      Promiň, ale nechci to jentak zveřejňovat, protože by to místo dopadlo poté opravdu špatně 😔

  • klobas

    5 months ago

    Super fotky, okoukl jsem i video a musím říct, že je to řekl bych dost výjimečná lokace, fakt paráda.

      Jsem rád, že se video líbilo 😉 Ano, skvělá lokace a unikát ❤️


A former factory where, among other things, carriage wheels were produced during the First Republic....