The beauty of Austrian hor🇦🇹🏔️❤️

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  • The beauty of Austrian hor🇦🇹🏔️❤️

 10 months ago

Niederösterreich, Waidhofen an der Thaya, 

A large and beautiful, yet quiet and deserted hotel in the middle of the Austrian mountains 🇦🇹❤️✌️

While exploring this hotel building we perceived a really great atmosphere, as there are not many such beautiful abandoned hotels 😌.

Long corridors, rooms without guests and a pool without water give a really eerie impression. The omnipresence of silence and the presence of amenities really managed to open my mind. Really glad for visiting this place, I will hope to find another place like this ❤️😌✌️

On the other hand, it is a great pity that this hotel is left to decay,...  show more 
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