On the shaft

 3 months ago

We all probably have our own wow! place that we've prourbexed. For me, it was probably this shaft, which I visited while wandering the mines of one of our uranium districts. Uranium... uranium mining sites always have a bitter aftertaste because the first thing you have to associate it with is a term most people don't even know anymore. MUKL, a man destined for destruction. And the Bolshevik concentration camps. Symbols of a time when Czechs murdered Czechs, just as the Nazis had done not long before. These mines only put an enormous strain on the state's economy, plundering mineral...  show more 
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    • hawky

      3 months ago

      Děkuju, škoda že klece rozřezali, aby mohli ohlubeň uzavřít a krom věže toho moc nenechají.


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